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 Diver Education in Italy

American Canadian Underwater Certification
Via Donizetti 46 - 20046 Biassono (MI)
tel. 039\2322016 - 02\99056084 - fax 039\23222635 -
Forty years of diver education activity, and registered with RSTC USA and Europe are the significant credentials of ACUC. The education program includes courses in aro, oxygen, nitrox, and shipwrecks beyond the traditional. ACUC organizes cross-overs in all parts of Italy.

Associazione Nazionale Istruttori Subacquei
Via Pietralata 120 - 00158 Roma
tel. 06\4503300 - fax 06\4180436 -
Born as an organization of underwater instructors at all levels, ANIS began many years ago to present its own educational programs that have received noteworthy consensus. ANIS is one of the most noted agencies of national diving certification.

Associazione Subacquea Portatori di Handicap
Via Carducci, 18 - 25028 Verolanuova (BS)
tel e fax 030\9360498
Organization that addresses diver education for the handicapped. ASPH is a promoter of events pertaining to the social sensitivities toward this particular type of sport activity.

Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques
Viale Tiziano, 74 - 00196 Roma
Tel. 06\36858480
The oldest organization for diver certifiction in the world founded in 1954. CMAS is a confederation of national underwater federations. Present throughout the world, it issues licenses in 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels. Currently there are various specialty programs including nitrox mix.

Divers Alert Network
Via Puglie, 82 - 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
Tel. 085\8930333 - fax 085\8930050 -
DAN is a worldwide organization specialized in the management of diver emergencies. DAN courses deal exclusively with first aid. Of particular interest is the DAN Oxygen Provider course with which the diver is trained in administering oxygen. DAN organizes conferences and on-going education seminars in the field of medicine and scientific research.

Dive International Agency
P.O. Box DIA 259 - 44100 Ferrara
tel. 0532\768156 fax 0532\761493 -

European Scuba Agency
via Fabio Massimo, 45 - 00192 Roma
tel. - fax
ESA is a modern and professional agency for the diver formation at the recreational level. ESA was born from the experience of professionals who for ten years work in the field of underwater education.

Federazione Italiana Attività Subacquee
Via Mauro Macchi, 38 - 20124 Milano
tel 02\6705005 - fax 02\67077302 -
Created in 1972, with the objective of developing an organization dedicated primarily to underwater activity, FIAS carries over 700 instructors and boasts almost 7500 certificate holders. Within its objectives the development of technical underwater activity excels, as well as collaboration with parties for intervention during natural calamities and serving as an instrument for the socialization of diving enthusiasts.

Federazione Italiana Pesca Sportiva e Attività Subacquee
Viale Tiziano, 70 - 00196 Roma
Tel 06\36858220 - fax 06\4180436
The first Italian underwater federation that saw in 1952 the first organized diving course. FIPSAS boasts almost 80,000 certificate holders. In FIPSAS's golden registry are numerous world laurels in the sectors of fishing and underwater photography. Issue of the licenses is validated by the Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques.

Federazione Italiana Sport Acquatici
Via Pescosolido, 76 Roma Tel. 064511704 Fax 064511747 - -
FISASIB is dedicated to the development of courses of highest educational content, as well as safety at sea and ecology conservation. FISASUB is one of the federation instruments in the "construction" of C.I.A.S. (Confederazione italiana attività subacquee) that heads the major Italian education programs.

HSA Italia
Handicappated Scuba Association
Via Fratelli Rosselli, 3 - 20139 Milano
Tel. 02\537999 - fax 02\57408326 -
Educational agency of California origins, HSA develops and organizes underwater courses for the handicapped. Created in 1965, it operates in Italy since 1988. Because of its particular mission, HAS has had the support of the Costeau Foundation of Paris. HAS Italia organizes conferences at the national level and promotes education toward this sector of underwater enthusiasts.

International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
Via P. Moriconi, 63 - 56013 Pisa
Tel. 050\35601 - fax 050\35535 - /
IANTD was created in the USA in 1985. It is one of the most prestigious educational programs of technical diving. Dedicated to training in nitrox and trimix diving, IANTD has recently introduced courses for beginners in the use of nitrox before making their first dive.

International Diving Educators Association
Via Mulino di Pile, 3 - 67100 L'Aquila
Tel. 0862\318499 - 06\5809390 - 02\700411412 fa 0862\318542 /
IDEA is a founding member of Recreational Scuba Training Council USA. Since 1992, it's present in Italy with a regional branch in Belgium, Holland, Egypt and with instructors in Spain, France, Germany and Bulgaria. The Italian seat directs IDEA Europe activities in Europe, Africa and Western Asia, and additionally promotes the Universal Referral program.

Lega Attività Subacquee Unione Italiana Sport Popolari
Corso Principe Amedeo, 31 - 56025 Pontedera (PI)
Tel. 0587\55594 - fax 0587\55347 - e.mail:

Europe National Association Diving Disabled an Swimming Technical Standard
Via Fratelli Rosselli, 3 - 20139 Milano
Tel. 02\537999 - fax 02\57408326
Educational agency that is dedicated to underwater activity for the handicapped.

National Association Scuba Diving System
Via Volturno, 27 - Caserta
Tel. 0823\320656 -
Agency for underwater certification of USA patent. Organizes courses for recreational divers and also an instructor level.

National Association Scuba Educators
Piazza Pio XI, 1 - 20123 Milano
Tel. 02\86996023 - fax 02\86991168 - / email:
Agency for underwater certification present in Italy for only three years, has achieved a noteworthy territorial spread. Besides issuing diver certificates, NASE Italy has its own clothing apparel production named "Nase Underwear". NASE has collaborated in the creation of an infinite computerized rebreather.

National Association Underwater Instructors
Via Poggio Ameno, 106 - 00143 Roma
Tel. 081\7623000 - 2222 - Fax 081\7621818 - e-mail -
Present in Italy since 1994, NAUI organizes underwater courses for snorkelers, recreational divers and technician divers. NAUI Italia supports its own instructors with educational assistance of high level quality. The breathholding courses are directed by Gianluca Genoni recordholder of breathholding deep dives.

Professional Association Diving Instructors
P.O. Box 45 Oberwilerstrasse, 3 - CH 8442 Hettlingen
Tel. 0041\52\3041414 - fax 0041\52\3041499 - e-mail: /
Founded in the USA in 1967, PADI is one of the premiere organizations for underwater certification a recreational level. PADI will soon introduce its new DSAT programs named Tec/Rec. PADI is spread in all of the world. In Italy there nearly 6,000 PADI members (associates and instructors). PADI courses have achieved recognition of ACE USA.

Professional Diving Instructors Corporation
via San Martino, 89 - 82016 Montesarchio - BN
tel/fax: 0824\832551 -

PSA Europe
Professional Scuba Association
Via Magenta, 14 - 21013 Gallarate (VA)
Tel. 0331\799879 - fax 0331\784827 - e-mail
Created in the USA in 1967, PSA is one of the most highly noted technical educators. Its courses are articulated in nitrox, trimix, heliox e rebreather programs. To pursue the technical instructor course it isn't necessary to be diving instructor certified; it's sufficient to be a divemaster. PSA programs foresee particular courses as technical deep air, the trimix experience, and blending and mixing gas.

Scuba Schools International
Via Bergami, 4 - 40133 Bologna
Tel. 051\383082 - fax 051\383554 / e-mail:
Present in Italy since 1990, SSI is the American second educational organization in number of SSI certifications. SSI has placed special attention to education subsidies for its instructors and students, organizes publicity events, promotes ecological conservation, and has always been active toward the legal recognition of underwater instructors. SSI issues over 18,000 certificates each year in Italy, using over 1,800 instructors.

Scuba Nitrox Safety International
Via Bergami, 4 - 40133 Bologna
Tel. 051\383082 - fax 051\383554 / e-mail:
Educational organization specialized in recreational nitrox and rebreather diving since 1994. SNSI is present in all major countries of the world. Its courses encompass accurate support and teaching aids.

Technical Diving International
Via Cà Mori, 6 - 35042 Este (PV)
Tel. 0429\602954 - fax 0429\3030 / e-mail:
TDI is dedicated to nitrox, trimix, and rebreather diving. All educational material is in Italian. TDI Italia prefixes itself to spread tek-diving methodologies for attaining the maximum safety.

Trimix Scuba Association
Via Aguardi, 20 - 20200 Como
Tel 031\260327 - fax 031\3301186 /
Certification agency created in Zurich operating in Italy since 1998. TSA presents courses in nitrox diver, technical diver, trimix diver 65, and trimix diver 85, in addition to its various instructor levels.

Underwater Training Research
P.O Box 60 - 50012 Bagno a Ripoli - Firenze - e-mail
Educational agency for technical diving that is totally Italian. It has standardized the first course certificate trimix normossico at 50 metres. The training course starts with the only recreational program existent in the organigram: the basic nitrox. Each course is supported by up-to-date teaching aids. UTR's primary objective is the research and development of underwater training programs using synthetic mixes of respiration.