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 Virginia Beach, Virginia - Summer 2004

Kayaking was a new experience for both Alan and myself in the Back Bay - Southeastern Virginia Wildlife Preserve as we traced the Lotus Pond loop. We'd arranged this guided tour with a local kayak shop. Alan on the right; I in the middle ready with oar in hand. Our group numbered four then the guide.

It was no great rigor or peril or stress, just plain simple relaxating workout. Listened to the light breezes that carried the squawking seagulls overhead, cries of small animals in the wild, and tiny splashes of water birds wading on the shore. Thick foliage formed a green, leafy wall along the shore. It's a true natural jungle not far.

The most exciting aspect of this adventure was the lack of excitement. It was absolutely clean, noiseless and odorless. There were only the sounds of birds and wild animals in their natural habitat. We rowed in a long circle ending up back at the point where we entered the water from the opposite direction.

The calm, peace and serenity can't be described in words. Bright sun, gentle water current and good company!

Kayak boot camp! We row around in a couple of circles
to get the hang of the kayak.

It was a hurry-up crash course in kayaking so off we went
almost right away.

Alan pulls up alongside. He was really enjoying this.

The only sign of civilization along the course.

We move along toward the final destination.

© Copyright 2006 Raul Botello Jr.